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DSM UV filter PARSOL® TX fully compliant with latest SCCS opinions on nano form of titanium dioxide

Kaiseraugst, CH, 03 Nov 2014 12:00 CET

First in the personal care industry, DSM is proud to announce that PARSOL® TX fully complies with all new specifications listed in the SCCS Opinions. Earlier this year, the Scientific Committee for Consumer Safety (SCCS) assessed the use of titanium dioxide in its nano form, and concluded that it is safe to use as a UV filter in cosmetic products for dermal application when it fulfills the characteristics specified by the SCCS. According to the SCCS opinion, a purity of ≥99% in rutile form and a photocatalytic activity of less than 10% in nano form (compared to the corresponding non-coated or non-doped references) are among the main requirements that confirm the product's stability and safety.

PARSOL® TX  is an aluminium-free, inorganic UV filter, made of 100% pure rutile form. Thanks to its unique, very tight, double-coating, it has an excellent photo-stability and an outstanding compatibility with other UV-filters such as Avobenzone, and also with acrylate thickeners as well as other challenging ingredients such as ascorbyl palmitate and the self-tanner, dihydroxyacetone. Some of its distinct compatibility features are outlined in DSM patents.

As one of the leading sun care players, DSM Personal Care invests in the improvement of the sensorial properties of sunscreens. As confirmed by the proprietary consumer and market research learnings, a negative sensory experience is the major drawback of the usage and re-purchase of sunscreens.

PARSOL® TX ’s hydrophobic coating strongly contributes to its aesthetic appeal in formulation, and in particular, to its pleasing, sensory feel. Thanks to its formulation properties, it offers unrivalled flexibility across a wide range of sun- and skin-care product formulations including make-up products and the latest additions in the personal care market’s BB and CC cream formulations.

PARSOL® TX sensory benefits are fully demonstrated in DSM’s latest, holistic, UV-protection solutions such as “Bare Skin Feel” – an outstanding and desirable SPF 50+ sunscreen.

Aline Hueber, Global Marketing Manager Sun Care at DSM, comments: "We are excited about this positive development for nano grades of Titanium Dioxide. We are pleased to see that its tangible benefits over conventional titanium dioxide, for both consumers and customers, are confirmed by the growth of the product over recent years. The highest quality of PARSOL TX is a perfect example of our commitment and focus on delivering safe, effective and pleasant products to the market that truly serve the needs of consumers."

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