TILAMAR® Fix A1000

Extra strong hold with a natural feel

The polymer hair care ingredient with outstanding performance that surpasses technology benchmarks

This polymer hair care ingredient TILAMAR® Fix A1000 addresses people’s aspirations for a natural look and feel to their hair with no compromise on hold. This solid synthetic acrylate copolymer bead offers exciting benefits for hairstyling spray formulations, thanks to its low solution viscosity. The product is perfectly compatible with all styling sprays but performs especially well in aerosols. We recommend TILAMAR® Fix A1000 for working sprays such as root lifting products, and in particular for fine hair, as well as for all types of finishing sprays.

Product Features

  • TILAMAR® Fix A1000 shows extra strong hold based on superior High Humidity Curl Retention over time and at different neutralization levels than technology benchmarks
  • Its natural feel is strengthened by a very short drying phase and it is non-tacky
  • TILAMAR® Fix A1000 beads are preservative-free and provide clear formulation solubility at both high and low VOC. It results in low viscosity with excellent propellant compatibility that perfectly supports sprayability (in particular aerosol sprays)



  • Non-sticky
  • Delivers extra strong hold
  • Provides natural look and feel
  • Easy to remove and no style build-up
  • Ideal for fine hair and as root lifter
  • Can be easily removed, shows no flaking and no build-up on hair

Technical info

  • INCI name: Acrylates Copolymer
  • CAS number: 1070166-98-1
  • Appearance: White spherical beads
  • Total solids: min 99 % w / w
  • Acid value: 125–145 mg KOH/g
  • Tg: 98–108°C

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