Press Release

Rainer Voegeli, Senior Scientist at DSM was awarded at IFSCC 2016!

Scientists from DSM’s Personal Care business discussed their latest research into the underlying causes of skin dryness and skin aging. This research focused on pioneering technology that enabled the investigation and visualization of skin biochemistry at a molecular level. At the Scientific Session on Monday, 31st October, Rainer Voegeli, Senior Scientist at DSM Nutritional Products, gave a presentation on ‘The presence and consequence of essential and non-essential stratum corneum proteases in barrier impaired skin: the vital need for protease inhibitors’. Out of 72 podium presentations, we are very proud to announce that Rainer Voegeli was honored with the IFSCC Applied Research Award. This prize is awarded to the presenter of the most meritorious podium presentation pertaining to applied cosmetic research at and IFSCC Congress. 

In cooperation with partners from academia and private enterprise, DSM is increasingly employing computational technologies, including molecular modeling, to accelerate the design and development of revolutionary cosmetic ingredients and concepts. Our research was demonstrated via five posters, two of which drew specific attention from the committee and were placed in the best top ten, out of 312 posters submitted.

The following posters were certified:

Mimicking Molecular Conversation by Modulation of the Plasminogen Serine Protease System in Order to Improve Skin Barrier Function

Computational tools facilitate the design of novel cosmetic ingredients based on a better understanding of molecular interactions within the skin. One such tool was used to illustrate the key features of a dual plasmin / urokinase inhibitor.

Mass Spectrometry Based-Proteomics of Facial Stratum Corneum of Different Ethnic Groups to Reveal Novel Biochemical Pathways Involved in Dry Skin

DSM scientists used mass-spectrometry-based proteomics to reveal novel biochemical pathways, targeting multi-ethnic skin dryness concerns.

Biomechanical Impact of Vitamin Species on Human Stratum Corneum

DSM’s vitamin experts are using state-of-the-art biomechanical models to explore the impact of topical vitamin applications on human stratum corneum.

10-Hydroxystearic Acid – a Bio-Derived Lipid to Counteract Aging Effects on Human Skin

A bio-derived lipid, 10-hydroxystearic acid, could prove a valuable alternative to existing anti-aging treatments. It acts by modulating aging and photo-aging markers.

Skin Aging in Different Ethnicities and Treatment Effects by a Hydrophobically Modified Dipeptide in Caucasians, Asians and Africans

We all age differently. Our scientists discussed the molecular mechanism underlying the activity of a hydrophobically-modified dipeptide that improves both skin texture and pore size – meeting the anti-aging needs of a broader demographic.