Press Release

DSM revealed emotions by using the magic of science at in-cosmetics 2017

We, as DSM Personal Care, reveal emotions by using the magic of science to deliver beauty care ingredients that truly make a difference. At in-cosmetics this year in London we used science as a magical tool to trigger emotions, capture people’s attention, and to prove the importance of using active ingredients to enhance beauty and protect health. 


At this year’s in-cosmetics show, we wanted our visitors to experience the magic behind our science through visual presentations, to demonstrate how important the science behind our products is for both our customers and your end consumers.

Test your UV-Protection

We are aware that people know that too much exposure to the sun can damage their skin. However, using sun protection is still perceived as a hassle, making the skin feel greasy and leaving the hands sticky. We, as one of the leading suppliers of UV-filters, see it as our responsibility to raise awareness of how important it is to incorporate sun protection into your daily routine. Therefore, we installed a “UV-Security Check” at our booth. What does that mean? With a UV camera we gave people the possibility to check their UV-protection – and at the same time to experience new sensations by applying newly developed sun care formulations such as the Zero Mark Sun Stick.

How effective are moisturizers?

Did you know that dry skin is the number one unmet consumer need?
There are so many moisturizers on the market, but none are as effective as the consumer wants them to be. At our booth we visualized the new 3D facial mapping methodology which helps ingredient and skin care product manufacturers to better evaluate and visualize the effectiveness of moisturizing care.

Wherever you went at in-cosmetics, DSM were already there!

At the make-up bar we featured our regional Beauty Award winner VALVANCE® Touch 250 with one mascara for lustrous clump-free lashes and one lipstick providing a smooth glide and instant gloss. Our Anti-pollution BB cushion, providing a lightweight coverage with oily control was one of the new and trendy application forms that we showcased.

At the formulation lab our DSM formulators presented how to create a formula protecting from the blue light, taken from our recently introduced concept: Beat the blues.

At the sustainability corner we were part with one exciting talk about fairtrade beauty. Visitors who attended the talk were able to discover our unique North-North relationship and meet the key stakeholders. Worth to mention that the synergy of the organic and fair trade requirements perfectly reflect DSM’s own deeply held values of sustainability. Do not miss our exclusive video!

At the newly implemented sustainability pod visitors could learn more about DSM’s commitment to the sustainability agenda with our Quali® vitamins.