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DSM extends its hyaluronic acid range with the launch of HYA-ACT™ line

Kaiseraugst, CH, 01 March 2021 14:00 CET

Royal DSM, a global science-based company active in nutrition, health and sustainable living, today announces the launch of three different forms of hyaluronic acid. With the new HYA-ACT™ range, DSM strengthens its hyaluronic acid portfolio to deliver on growing market expectations for less-invasive, reliable and effective beauty care solutions.  

The changing face of the “medical beauty” trend

The age of Instagram and the selfie has created booming interest in cosmetic procedures, minimally-invasive options, fillers and peels, which is driving growth in the global cosmeceuticals market (set to almost double between 2017 - 20231). Topical formulations with hyaluronic acid or retinol, high-concentration, pure form vitamins and sheet masks are just some of the ‘non-invasive’ alternatives growing in popularity.

The most prevalent filler today is hyaluronic acid (HA), used in 78% of dermal filler procedures in the United States2 as well as the fastest growing non-invasive cosmetic treatment there3. HA is also a sought-after cosmetic ingredient and among the top five ingredients recognized by users of beauty and personal care products4. This is reflected in the market, which saw launches of hyaluronic acid in BPC products jump by 55% between 2017 and 20195. Hyaluronic acid, as well as retinol, benefit from a well-established history of clinical trials and evidence to support product claims.

Given the staying power of the Medical Beauty trend and booming demand for cosmeceuticals, the Personal Care industry has a key opportunity to offer applications that lift, volumize and hydrate skin - from within.

Long standing expertise in skin

As skin biology experts, DSM has studied hyaluronic acid’s beauty potential for years. While HA is known for its hydration properties and ability to combat skin dryness and dullness, especially as skin ages, it’s less well-known that different molecular weights can achieve a range of sought-after benefits.

With the launch of the new powerful HYA-ACT™ range, DSM unlocks the full potential of hyaluronic acid and complements its existing portfolio. The three hyaluronic acid forms, each providing key benefits, deliver the efficacy customers need and the beauty boost consumers are seeking.

  • HYA-ACT™ M Medium Molecular Weight (MW 1.0-1.3 MDa) enhances skin hydration and strengthens the protective barrier.
  • HYA-ACT™ S Small Molecular Weight (MW 200-400 kDa) locks in moisture for an even greater hydration boost and calms reddened skin.
  • HYA-ACT™ XS Very Small Molecular Weight (MW 37-56  kDa) supplies a continuous burst of intense hydration and plumps out fine wrinkles.

All three new HYA-ACT™ forms are Halal certified, China compliant and certified microbiome-friendly, so they will not interfere with the growth behavior of the natural skin biome. The new HYA-ACT line complements the existing high molecular weight variants of hyaluronic acid in DSM’s portfolio: HYALURONIC ACID-BT and HYASOL™ PF, which provide excellent short-term hydration power for perfectly moisturized skin.

The launch of the new HYA-ACT range gives DSM a broad and powerful portfolio of different hyaluronic acid forms that deliver on the most desired consumer benefits in skin care applications.

DSM’s skin biology innovation continues with HYA-ACT™

“DSM’s expertise in hyaluronic acid research spans decades – from the first rooster-comb form launched in 1983, to the next generation of HA forms enabled by our biotechnology capabilities. We later brought a peptide molecule that stimulates HA synthesis in the skin,” said Volker Rosenberger, Global Marketing Manager Skin Bioactives, DSM Personal Care & Aroma. “Today, as we launch the new HYA-ACT™ range, DSM continues to bring customers a broad range of product and formulation solutions that address the latest trends and opportunities in the market. With our full hyaluronic acid portfolio, we offer customers the best skin care ingredients for non-invasive solutions.”

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