Anti-Maskne rebalancing cream gel skin care formulation

The skin care formulation contains ARGAN OIL to soften the skin and ALPAFLOR® ALP-SEBUM CB and VALVANCE® Touch 210, to purify the skin, normalize the production of sebum and rebalance the facial microbiome. The appearance of the imperfection is reduced, the pores are less visible, with a mattified, even skin complexion.

This product is ideal to prevent Maskne, which occurs when the combination of sweat, skin oils and bacteria are trapped on the skin and can clog the pores, while wearing a mask. The cream gel skin care formualtion provides a fresh, purified skin feeling, and can be applied in the morning and all day around when wearing mask.

The natural skin care formulation made with more than 99% naturally derived personal care ingredients is compliant with Cosmos Natural standards.

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    ALPAFLOR® -ALP-SEBUM CB is an organic bioactive rich in flavanoids and oenothein B - key compounds that show sebum-regulating and anti-inflammatory activities. It is COSMOS and NATRUE organic certified and Fair for Life fair trade certified.

  • VALVANCE® Touch 210 VALVANCE® Touch 210

    VALVANCE® Touch 210

    The sensory and visual modifier cosmetic ingredient VALVANCE® Touch 210 provides anti-shine, silky touch and a lightweight feel especially in sun care formulations.

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    The sensory modifier cosmetic ingredient VALVANCE® Look 100 provides a natural coverage including soft focus effect. Suitable for all make-up applications for a natural and healthy look.

  • Argan oil Argan oil

    Argan oil

    Argan oil is a natural, organic skin bioactive obtained from the kernels of the endemic argan tree (Argania Spinosa kernel oil). This bioactive ingredient is ECOCERT, COSMOS and NATRUE organic certified.