Transforming power skin serum formulation

Nothing to hide, especially not pores and age spots! Enriched with the natural certified skin care ingredient BEAUACTIVE® and the vitamin Niacinamide PC the Transforming Power Serum helps to fight against the visible signs of ageing and restore a flawless complexion. It contains only 10 INCI names and provides a “WoW effect” linked to BEAUACTIVE®. When applied, the semi solid texture transforms quickly into a fresh and melting serum bringing a new sensory experience and a high level of skin comfort!

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    The natural skin care ingredient BEAUACTIVE® gives skin an improved appearance after the age of 30 due to a visible reduction of conspicuous facial pores and age spots.



    In cosmetic applications, Niacinamide PC, a form of vitamin B3, helps to rebalance skin pigmentation, refines pores and improves skin elasticity. It helps to protect from UV and blue light damage.