Linalyl Acetate

A strong bergamot and lavender notes for home care, personal care and laundry care applications

A synthetic fragrance ingredient with strong bergamot and lavender notes

Linalyl Acetate is a synthetic aroma ingredient with strong lavender and bergamot notes at room temperature. Same as linalool, it is largely used in personal care, cosmetics, laundry care and home care applications. Linalyl Acetate is a clear, colourless liquid.

Product Features

  • Product Code: 0425966 
  • Olfactory Profile: Strong bergamot and lavender 
  • Identification:
    Chemical name: 3,7-Dimethyl-1,6-octadien-3-yl acetate
    CAS number: 115-95-7
    EINECS number: 2014-116-4
    Empirical formula: C12H20O2 
  • Specifications: Appearance: Clear liquid
    Density (g/ml 20 °C): 0.900 – 0.905
    Refractive index (589 nm, 20 °C): 1.448 

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