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The naturals skincare ingredient combining short- and long-term efficacy with real benefits

Over time the skin tends to look slack, less toned and less firm. This is the result of a slow, gradual aging process, where the skin’s connective tissue becomes increasingly degenerated. These signs of skin aging may be masked by the use of a skin tightener. However, consumers look for more than only tightening. They look for both fast and long-lasting skin care solutions. With the unique natural skincare ingredient PEPHA®-TIGHT for the first time it is possible to combine short- and long-term efficacy with real benefits.

Highly controlled fermentation technology

The microalgae Nannochloropsis oculata are cultivated in special photobioreactors, where they are optimally exposed to light and CO2, which are essential nutrients for their proliferation. This unique production technology enables a very pure and standardized product, leading to a high content and consistent quality of active substances, such as amino acids, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Product Features

  • INCI name (active): Algae Extract, Pullulan
  • Unique combination of purified microalgae active components and a high-performing polysaccharide
  • Fast performing with short term and long-term efficacy
  • Highly controlled fermentation technology in photobioreactors for reliability and optimized composition


  • Instant perceivable tightening experience
  • Tightening effect for at least 4 hours after unique application
  • Long term skin firming effect after multiple applications


See Regulatory Status China Statement
Halal certified by Halal Food Council Europe

Mode of Action

Short term effect: PEPHA®-TIGHT forms a thin film on the skin, exerting an instant perceptible tightening effect.

Long term effect: PEPHA®-TIGHT acts as a protective shield against oxidative stress, helps to stimulate the formation of collagen I, which is an essential part of the skin’s connective tissue, and provides a long-term firming benefit when applied regularly.

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