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Download the Differential Diagnosis for Mycotoxicoses in Ruminants booklet

The Differential Diagnosis provides detailed support and suggested corrective actions for common problems. Broken out into management, nutrition, disease, and mycotoxins sections, each with multi-part in-depth analysis of potentials causes and solutions, this PDF is a value-add for anyone involved in herd management.

Download the Differential Diagnosis for Mycotoxicoses in Ruminants to:

  • Find out in-depth outline detail, checklists, and corrective actions for the seven key herd health issues in beef and dairy
  • Reference the potential mycotoxin, management or nutritional or disease cause of the health issue and the associated corrective action
  • Reference imagery to support farm managers in physical identifiers of specific health issues
  • Start a conversation with your local sales manager to dive deeper into issue resolution
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