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Feed continues to be the major cost of animal production. The release of energy captive in dietary carbohydrate is therefore of critical importance.

The energy challenge

Carbohydrates found in cereal and defatted protein crops are a key source of energy in livestock diets. To feed livestock cost effectively the objective must be to maximize the utilization of energy present in the diet – energy often ‘locked in’ by cell wall composition.

Maximising energy

dsm-firmenichoffers the broadest range of feed enzymes specifically developed to improve the nutritive value of cereal and protein crops in monogastric diets. By adding exogenous carbohydrases to the diet, producers can increase feed efficiency through optimizing energy availability to the animal.

Download the dsm-firmenich Carbohydrases brochure to find out:

  • How the energy challenge in feed relates to producer returns
  • How energy and nutrient release works at a cellular level
  • How dsm-firmenich carbohydrases can maximise energy in the poultry, swine and aquaculture sectors
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