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A golden yolk can only come from a healthy hen. The hen, the environment and the feed have to work in unison to deliver an attractively pigmented yolk. The dsm-firmenich Egg Yolk Pigmentation Guidelines provide a practical guide to measuring and improving egg yolk pigmentation.

Achieving desired colour

There are two components of egg yolk pigmentation. The first involves the deposition of yellow carotenoids to create a yellow base - very important for good saturation of the final color. Once the yellow base is established, the addition of the red carotenoid changes the hue to a more orange-red color.

Measuring and monitoring

To succeed in any yolk pigmentation program, it is important to measure. For more than five decades, the dsm-firmenich’s YolkFan™ has been the standard on yolk pigmentation measuring technology. By using CAROPHYLL® products in conjunction with the dsm-firmenich’s YolkFan™ score, you can use the least cost formulation to fix the required levels of CAROPHYLL® yellow and CAROPHYLL® red.

Download the dsm-firmenich Egg Yolk Pigmentation Guidelines to find out:

  • Factors affecting pigmentation
  • How the human eye perceives carotenoid colour
  • About the dsm-firmenich YolkFan™ score and how to use it
  • How CAROPHYLL® yellow and CAROPHYLL® red can be added to diets for pigmenting efficiency
  • Recommended levels of CAROPHYLL® for use in laying flocks
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