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Unlock dietary potential

Cereals high in soluble dietary fiber such as barley, rye, oats and wheat can depress growth in monogastric animals on account of an increase in viscosity. Given the complexity of carbohydrates in feed, often more than one carbohydrase activity will be required to increase cell wall breakdown and improve the availability of starch and other nutrients. RONOZYME® MultiGrain gives the highest viscosity reduction.

Optimal formulation

RONOZYME® MultiGrain is shown to be the most thermostable multicomponent product on the market. Heat stable up to 90C, free-flowing for accurate dosing with a high particle number, this product is also virtually dust-free. As the degree and duration of heat processing at feed mills intensifies, enzyme stability has become a key concern.

Download the dsm-firmenich RONOZYME® MultiGrain Brochure to discover:

  • The difference of cereal fiber compositions and their effect on diet
  • How enzymes breakdown the cell wall and improve nutrient availability
  • Typical performance improvements in key cereals
  • Product stability and formulation availability
  • Recommended inclusion levels
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