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Maximise proteins

RONOZYME® ProAct is optimized for animal nutrition - improving protein digestibility and optimizing feed cost. The improved protein utilization also reduces nitrogen excretion and the environmental impact of livestock production. RONOZYME® ProAct has been developed to hydrolyze proteins in diets; to provide extra power to utilize more protein, and effectively target a broad range of feed sources.

Stable and dependable

RONOZYME® ProAct has outstanding stability in all feed applications, including premixes and pelleted feeds. Trials show high levels of recovery under commercial feed production conditions.

Download the DSM RONOZYME® ProAct Brochure to:

  • Understand the DSM and Novozymes alliance
  • Learn about RONOZYME® ProAct benefits in the maximization of protein
  • Learn how stable RONOZYME® ProAct is in a range of feed
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