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RONOZYME® WX is a highly efficacious xylanase enzyme developed to meet the demands of modern poultry production. RONOZYME® WX acts on NSPs that poultry species cannot break down, to allow nutrients to become available for use by the bird. RONOZYME® WX is highly heat-stable and can be the sole non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) enzyme in corn-based diets and those diets which may include cereal by-products.

Feed conversion improvement

Studies show feeding RONOZYME® WX in broilers days 1-24 can improve weight gain and feed conversion by 9.5%.

Unrivalled heat stability

Heat processes in feed mills are more intense than ever before, leading to focus on enzyme stability. RONOZYME® WX (CT), the granulated form of the xylanase enzyme, offers excellent thermostability.

Download the DSM RONOZYME® WX brochure to find out:

  • How releasing additional energy in carbohydrate-based poultry diets is possible with DSM RONOZYME® WX
  • That RONOZYME® WX characteristics include exceptional heat stability, a broad pH range and a high, consistent activity level
  • Results of trials in Germany and Denmark demonstrating improvement in feed conversion
  • Dose ranges in broilers and turkeys
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