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Pioneering protease: transforming a decade of know-how into sustainable animal production gains [white paper]

Are you a dedicated feed and monogastric farm animal producer striving for optimal efficiency and sustainability? Dive into the cutting-edge world of exogenous proteases with this exclusive white paper on the latest knowledge about protease.

Unlock the Potential of Exogenous Proteases in Monogastric Farm Animal Production

By making proteins more digestible and available for absorption, proteases improve feed protein utilization, reduce feed cost, reduce nitrogen emission, and overall improve the efficiency and sustainability of eggs, meat, milk and farmed seafood.

What you’ll learn:

  • Discover the game-changing role of exogenous proteases in animal nutrition. Learn how these enzymes enhance protein digestibility, leading to improved feed protein utilization, reduced costs, and minimized nitrogen emissions.
  • Delve into the advancements in application optimization, exploring the nuanced effects of proteases on individual feed ingredients and their impact on intestinal resilience, mucin barrier function, and nutrient transport. Gain insights into how exogenous proteases synergize with other enzymes in a comprehensive enzyme strategy.
  • Learn how to overcome the challenges in selecting the right protease for your specific application. Understand the importance of strategic formulation, considering raw material differences and amino acid divergence, to maximize the positive impact of proteases on animal nutrition and production efficiency.

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Empower your farm with the latest insights and take a step towards a more sustainable and efficient future in monogastric animal production. Join the ranks of industry leaders leveraging the power of exogenous proteases.

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