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Download the dsm-firmenich World Mycotoxin Survey Focus Ruminants January to December 2023

For 20 years, the dsm-firmenich World Mycotoxin Survey has been the industry benchmark, providing unparalleled insights into global mycotoxin contamination.

About the survey

This comprehensive report delves into mycotoxin trends observed over the past year in ruminant feeds, offering a unique perspective on:

  • Exposure to Main 6 Mycotoxins in Typical Ruminant Feeds: Explore how overall contamination with key mycotoxins is mostly at the high risk side on most commodities
  • Maize Silage, commonly fed but also commonly contaminated!: there are many reasons why maize silage is the most important ingredient in modern dairy and beef farming, however there is one disadvantage of this material: it is one of the most relevant target of mycotoxins
  • During high feed cost periods, feed cheaper ingredients like DDGS but bear in mind that contamination by mycotoxins will be greater. Worry not, just deal with that risk through the right solutions!
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