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Download the dsm-firmenich mycotoxin survey on by-products relevant for the swine industry

Global contamination of key by-products and alternative feed components is helpfully summarised in this PDF. From brewery byproducts to sugar beet, rapeseed to DDGS, a whole range of feed components are sampled and analysed, with areas of concern highlighted.

Key by-product contamination around the world

We tested a range of key by-products and alternative feed components, analysing metabolites found and their prevalence. Numerous mycotoxins are discovered and highlighted in useful charts and graphs to draw attention to areas of concern.

Download the dsm-firmenich By-product Survey to find out:

  • Global contamination levels of key by-products and alternative feed components in:
    • Brewery by-products
    • Lupins and pulses
    • Sugar beet
    • Rapeseed
    • Palm kernel, sunflower
    • Oat hull/bran
    • Cotton seed
    • DDGS
    • Rice bran, hulls/husks
    • Corn by-products
    • Wheat by-products
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