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Download the dsm-firmenich OVN Optimum Vitamin Nutrition® Guidelines Aquaculture 2022

We believe every single animal should receive the right level of vitamins, and the reason is simple: vitamins are the foundation for balanced animal nutrition that supports health, performance, and sustainability.

Our vision

Continuous advancements in aqua nutrition are essential to address opportunities and challenges of modern aquaculture, including countering the rise of antibiotic resistance, reducing aggressive animal diseases as well as advancing sustainable production.

Introducing OVN Optimum Vitamin Nutrition®

OVN Optimum Vitamin Nutrition® is a cost-effective range of vitamin supplementation optimizing animal health and wellbeing, animal performance and the quality and nutritional value of animal-origin foods.

Download the dsm-firmenich Optimum Vitamin Nutrition® Guidelines 2022 to discover:

  • Why vitamins are essential for optimum health and efficiency
  • Main functions of vitamins in aquaculture
  • Symptoms of vitamin deficiency in aquaculture
  • Key vitamin requirements
  • Conversion factors and standard dsm-firmenich vitamins for aquaculture
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