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Feed enzymes in dairy cow nutrition are designed to improve feed degradation and utilization and, ultimately, increase energy availability to match the daily requirement of high yielding dairy cows.

Market pressures

Efficiency is a key driver for the future of milk production. With price volatility being a permanent factor in the market, it is becoming ever more important for producers to maximize profits when prices are high, and minimize loss when prices are low.

Making more from the same

RONOZYME® RumiStar™ is the only registered enzyme for dairy cows on the market for ruminants, and can be used to maximize corn starch utilization. The increased digestibility of the diet results in more energy available to the cow for milk production.

Download the dsm-firmenich whitepaper to find out:

  • How RONOZYME® RumiStar™ improved milk yield by 4.4kg per cow per day in on-farm tests
  • How the challenge of low milk prices can be managed without increasing milk production
  • How RONOZYME® RumiStar™ helps metabolize corn starch without compromising on rumen pH
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