Webinar Series: Shaping the Future of Piglet Care

Optimizing Gastrointestinal Functionality - PROTECT

Tuesday 12th of April, 15:00 CET

Webinar details:

Join us for our three-part webinar series with Pig Progress on Shaping the Future of Piglet Care. Experts from around the world will discuss research related to our dedicated approaches to preparing, protecting and supporting resilience of your piglets.

Part 2 - PROTECT: Optimizing Gastrointestinal Functionality

In part two, our speakers will discuss optimizing gastrointestinal functionality through a combined approach of deactivating anti-nutrients, both from the feed and the gut microbiome.


Tofuko Awori Woyengo, PhD

Associate Professor at Aarhus University

“Effects of antinutritional factors on gastrointestinal functionality of piglets post-weaning”

Barbara Metzler-Zebeli, Prof. Dr. 

Professor of Nutritional Physiology at University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna

"Pattern-recognition-receptors in the microbe-host networking along the porcine gut"

Konstantinos Sarantis, MS

Global Mycotoxin Risk Management Product Manager at dsm-firmenich

“Mycotoxins, a frequent and persistent anti-nutritional factor in piglets”

Shaping the Future of Piglet Care

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