Securing the future of your valuable sow herd begins with gilts

"The modern gilt has been selected for high performance but unless managed correctly from the beginning, risks exiting the herd prematurely. Preparing the gilt to optimize longevity requires a holistic and adaptative approach to management & nutrition. Strong & well developed bones and joints, a robust immune competency and healthy and mature reproductive organs are critical to a gilts success. Adaptative nutrition approaches focusing on optimum mineral and vitamin nutrition and protection against the risk of mycotoxins are some of the strategies to embrace to correctly prepare and protect these valuable young animals.

Three speakers will discuss strategies to optimize the preparation and protection of gilts for maximize longevity"

Date: Tuesday, 13th June 2023

Time: 03:00 pm CEST

Speakers: Martin Mølgaard Pedersen; Matthias Wiemann; Jeru Abellila-Mesina


Martin Mølgaard Pedersen

Head of Department Breeding & Genetics for the Danish Agriculture & Food Council

Matthias Wiemann

Technical Services Manager – Germany, DSM

Jeru Abellila-Mesina, PhD

Swine Technical Expert Manager – ASEAN, DSM