Webinar Series: Shaping the Future of Piglet Care

Enhancing Digestive Efficiency – SUPPORT RESILIENCE

Tuesday 10th of May, 15:00 CET

Webinar details:

Join us for our three-part webinar series with Pig Progress on Shaping the Future of Piglet Care. Experts from around the world will discuss research related to our dedicated approaches to preparing, protecting and supporting resilience of your piglets.

Part 3 - SUPPORT RESILIENCE: Enhancing Digestive Efficiency

In our third webinar, our three experts will  talk about enhancing digestive efficiency and closing the gap between genetic potential and actual production performance.


Jack C. M. Dekkers, PhD

Distinguished Professor, Section Leader of Animal Breeding and Genetics at Iowa State University

"Genetics of disease resilience in growing pigs"

Nicholas Gabler, PhD

Professor of Nutritional Physiology and Feed Efficiency at Iowa State University

"Optimizing instestinal maturation and digestive capacity in pigs"

Laurent Roger, MSc

Swine Marketing EMEA Manager at dsm-firmenich Animal Nutrition & Health

"Pre and Post-absorptive aspects to support piglet resilience"

Shaping the Future of Piglet Care

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