The DSM | Novozymes Feed Enzyme Alliance

Demand for animal protein is increasing worldwide in response to unparalleled population growth and wide-ranging lifestyle changes. Meeting this demand in an economically viable and environmentally sustainable way presents challenges – as well as opportunities.

Feed enzymes have proven to be an effective biological solution to boost performance in a sustainable way.

The Alliance is greater then the sum of its parts

More than twenty years ago, two pioneers perceived the potential of feed enzymes and joined forces to explore the benefits of these innovative compounds. Combining their complementary capabilities and working hand in hand with their customers, they created a unique Alliance that has developed the industry’s most complete and innovative feed and gut health enzymes portfolio: The DSM | Novozymes Feed Enzymes Alliance.

Our pioneering partnership delivers improved animal performance while making a ground-breaking contribution to the sustainability of global livestock farming. And even as we look back on the first two decades of solving industry challenges together, this is just the start of our story: feed enzymes will play an increasingly key role in sustainable animal production in the years to come.

Solving industry challenges together

In an ever-changing environment, the feed industry is facing unprecedented challenges.

  • 70% increase in protein demand by 2050
  • Land scarcity and volatile feed prices
  • Acceleration of the phase-out of antibiotics
  • Environmental restrictions

Solving these challenges is the collective  responsibility of everyone in the industry: we all have an important role to play in making our activities more efficient and sustainable.

Creating sustainable value for our customers

Our enzyme solutions have the transformational power to maximize animal health and feed utilization, optimize feed costs, reduce the environment impact of animal production, and improve animal health and welfare.

  • We have the most comprehensive and targeted feed enzymes portfolio in the world, designed to unlock nutrients and energy in the diet.
  • Our profound understanding of the value chain, combined with our leading scientific insights, enables us to develop optimum and cost-effective enzyme solutions that are tailored to local needs.
  • Fully committed to driving the industry toward even more sustainable animal farming, we help you reduce and quantify your environmental impact.
  • We focus our science around individual livestock species, creating opportunities to develop completely new solutions and making us the industry innovator.

The combined strength of two leaders

In a world in which livestock farming is coming under increasing consumer and regulatory pressures, we provide ethical, scientifically proven solutions that offer our customers competitive advantage and the opportunity for profitable growth.

As the environmental pressures on the planet grow, more and more organizations around the world are seeking cross-cutting solutions – partnerships that challenge traditional boundaries and combine their individual capabilities in dynamic and creative new ways. 

DSM and Novozymes have been doing this for two decades, uniting our different capabilities by means of a common mindset, a unique science platform, and highly effective ways of working together. 

Offering the world’s most comprehensive and unmatched range of feed and animal nutrition solutions across phytase, carbohydrase, protease and gut health enzymes, the DSM | Novozymes Alliance is greater than the sum of its parts. 

Working with the Alliance, you tap into more than 20 years of combined expertise in enzyme development and animal nutrition and health, giving you the freedom to focus and succeed in your business by feeding healthy animals in a sustainable way.

Our Alliance is based on three core attributes:

  • Expertise – the science and marketing of enzymes 
  • Robustness – of consistent, first-class quality products
  • Agility – through bringing game-changing, customer-centric innovations to market faster than ever before.

Building capabilities

The Alliance delivers not only product solutions, but also service solutions and training that enhance customer experience and capabilities. These include: 

  • Customer Enzyme Schools across different regions and Global Enzymes Summits, bringing together industry experts and customers. 
  • Dedicated digital decision-making tools, enabling our customers to better manage their business and activities. 
  • Analytical services for both raw materials and feed, helping customers to optimize diet composition end-to-end. 

“The Alliance is all about pushing boundaries. Not only will we continue to bring to the market the best feed enzymes: we will strive to deliver new innovative gut health solutions.” – DSM

“Our ambition is to keep building strong capabilities to continue shaping the future of enzymes with and for our clients.” – Novozymes

Transformational innovation for the feed industry

To explore the innovative potential of feed enzymes, DSM and Novozymes created a unique Alliance more than 20 years ago. In the past two decades, we have developed the industry’s most complete and innovative feed enzymes portfolio.

DSM is a purpose-led, performance-driven company. Our core value is sustainability, and we are always looking to deliver transformational innovation to meet previously unmet needs – the needs of industry and of our customers, and ultimately of individual consumers all around the world.

At Novozymes, we are committed to finding biological and sustainable solutions to some of the greatest challenges of our time, such as the need for more food and better farming, while contributing to a significant reduction of CO2 emissions.

Combining our complementary capabilities, we work hand in hand with our customers to create innovative feed enzyme solutions – solutions that form the basis for sustainable animal farming.

Science-based animal nutrition solutions

We offer our customers the world’s most comprehensive, science-based animal nutrition solutions, intelligently scaled to solve the sustainability and commercial challenges we all face in transforming the way we feed the world. 

By getting more out of less, we make animal feed more effective – and that means helping to make meat, fish, milk and eggs affordable and accessible for a growing global population.

  • Our proteases maximize the use of amino acids in diets so as to increase animal performance and reduce feed costs as well as nitrogen pollution. 
  • Our phytases increase natural phosphorus availability, improving performance while at the same time reducing feed costs and environmental impact.
  • Our carbohydrases release more of the energy present in diets so that increased performance can be achieved from the same amount of feed.
  • Our gut health enzymes remove bacterial cell debris from the animal’s gut, helping to optimize nutritional absorption and digestibility. 

Highlights from our balanced and targeted portfolio



  • ProAct optimizes protein use  by increasing amino acid digestibility,  subsequently reducing crude protein levels, feed cost and the release of  nitrogen to the environment. 
  • The inclusion of ProAct in broiler diets, for example, increases the digestibility of the protein content of the feed by 7% and reduces nitrogen levels in manure by 35%. 
  • This allows lower-quality protein sources to be included in diets, cutting production costs while simultaneously reducing environmental impact.


HiPhos takes feed phytases to the next level. This exceptionally powerful feed phytase releases twice as much phosphorous to the animal. 

  • HiPhos increases liveweight gain and feed conversion in poultry and swine. 
  • Because far less inorganic phosphorus needs to be added to the diet, this feed phytase delivers substantial savings on feed costs. 
  • Because it reduces both environmental impact and feed costs, HiPhos also has a big impact on the sustainability of animal farming.


A thermostable amylase, HiStarch improves the digestibility of starch from grains and thus supports subsequent animal performance, while reducing feed costs and environmental impact.

  • HiStarch supplements the endogenous amylase produced by the bird, improving the digestibility of starch in the gut. 
  • It is extremely flexible and is precisely tailored to the needs of the feed manufacturing industry.
  • It combines outstanding heat stability with a free-flowing and dust-free CT (coated thermo-stable) form for use in premix, basemix and finished feeds.


A new milestone in the history of animal nutrition.


Balancius® is the first and only feed ingredient that breaks down peptidoglycans (PGNs) in bacterial cell debris, thus releasing nutrients and unlocking a hidden potential in gastrointestinal functionality. 

  • Scientific studies demonstrate that the addition of Balancius® to the diet of broiler chickens
    • significantly improves nutrient digestibility and absorption capacity;
    • consistently improves feed conversion ratio by 4–6 points (3%), thus contributing to sustainable poultry production
    • improves breast meat yield; and
    • contributes to better animal welfare through dryer litter. 

Together with our customers

Enzymes are increasingly recognized as essential tools for profitable and sustainable animal production. 

The Alliance is continuing to innovate across multiple enzyme technologies with the aim of getting more out of our world’s limited natural resources. 

This means enabling greater gains in animal productivity within planetary boundaries and reducing the environmental footprint of our food systems.

With two decades of innovation to look back on, our sights are set higher than ever as we move forward into a new phase of our market-shaping partnership. 

The Alliance supports you day by day to deliver sustainable farming.

Pioneering Enzymes Together

Published on

21 November 2021


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