An All-of-the-Above Approach to Feeding a 21st Century World

For all the advances in modern agricultural productivity, the world still faces a huge challenge if it is to feed 10 billion people by mid-century, using the same amount – if not less – available land. On that point, the Dutch health, nutrition and bioscience firm dsm-firmenich has been accomplishing its part of this heavy lifting as it seeks to be a vital contributor to a more sustainable and efficient agriculture and food production sector.

From the company’s perspective, no single approach will solve the hurdles in securing a safe food supply, and dsm-firmenich’s model demonstrates how an “all-of-the-above” approach is needed during the next few decades. New plans to feed the world will require transforming conventional means of animal farming and food production, the development of next-gen foods including plant-based proteins and investments in technology that can benefit both farmers and food manufacturers.

TriplePundit recently spoke with Jacobine Das Gupta-Mannak, dsm-firmenich’s director of sustainability and lead nutrition, to learn more about how scientists at dsm-firmenich are addressing the challenge to feed the world.


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