Poultry Industry Has a Partner in dsm-firmenich to Address Key Production & Growth Challenges

As the global population continues to grow, consumer demand for affordable protein has followed suit. And because of poultry’s very efficient feed-to-protein conversion, it is being looked at as a key meat to fill this increased need.

But while producers have adapted to this changing landscape, they are being met with a number of challenges related to fulfilling consumer and regulatory expectations. From the removal of antimicrobials and food safety concerns to the sustainable use of natural resources, modern poultry producers have a lot of boxes to check.

dsm-firmenich Animal Nutrition and Health has committed itself to helping the poultry industry navigate these diverse challenges to ensure they can meet the growing global need for poultry meat and eggs. In this Industry Perspectives, the company’s Global Poultry Head, Dr. Raj Murugesan, details the role the organisation is playing to help producers in this context, especially given the recent acquisition of BIOMIN, which has added a new set of tools to dsm-firmenich’s portfolio.


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