Press release

Share DSM hosts inaugural Eubiotics Focus Group meeting

Kaiseraugst, CH, 03 May 2013 11:15 CEST

DSM hosted the first ever Eubiotics Focus Group meeting at the Alumni Center of

Kansas State University, Manhattan, from 16-19 April.

Entitled ‘A Global Exchange of Ideas on Eubiotics in Swine’, this ground-breaking event attracted scientists, experts and swine producers from around the world, who met to exchange ideas, experience and insights in the use of eubiotics in the global feed industry.

Today’s trend toward the replacement of in-feed antibiotic growth promoters has inspired research activities globally to develop the potential of alternative feed additives such as organic acids, essential oils and probiotics. These are collectively known as eubiotics - a term which comes from the Greek word eubiosis and refers to a good balance of micro flora in the gastro-intestinal tract. Eubiotic products support the health and growth of livestock by positively modulating their gut flora. Their significant benefits have been demonstrated both in vitro and in vivo.

Participants of ‘A Global Exchange of Ideas on Eubiotics in Swine’ gathered with the common aim of finding effective solutions to replace antibiotic growth promoters and reduce the need for the treatment of swine with antibiotics. Swine producers presented case studies from their own experience, while scientists presented their research findings on topics ranging from the digestibility of nutrients through the effect of the intestinal barrier function on the modulation of metabolic responses to the use of organic acids and probiotics in commercial feeding programs. The program also included visits to an experimental new feed mill and the Swine Teaching and Research Center at Kansas State University.

Christophe Paulus, Global Category Manager Eubiotics, commented: “Following our successful introduction of expert panels and focus group meetings in the field of phytases and dairy cow nutrition, our inaugural Eubiotics Focus Group meeting was an important milestone on the path towards an antibiotic-free animal health and nutrition sector. DSM plays a leading role in this field, with products such as the ultra-pure grade of benzoic acid VevoVitall® for use in swine feed, the patented formulations of high-purity essential oil compounds for monogastric animals marketed under the CRINA® trademark, and CYLACTIN®, the best protected lactic-acid-producing probiotic which stabilizes gut micro-flora and limits the growth of pathogens. By bringing leading scientists and swine producers together for this event, DSM supports the development of the global swine industry in the interests of feed manufacturers, breeders and consumers alike.”