Press release

DSM to host Global Feed Protease Dialogue

Kaiseraugst, CH, 13 May 2013 13:00 CEST

DSM announces the first ever global Feed Protease Dialogue – a workshop that will be staged in collaboration with its alliance partner Novozymes on 18-19 June 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Entitled ‘Current Understanding and Future Direction’, this two-day workshop will gather together a global team of leading experts in the areas of proteases, protein nutrition and animal physiology. The event will be hosted jointly by the DSM – Novozymes feed enzymes alliance. It will also provide the opportunity for participants to look behind the scenes of the research and production facilities at Novozymes.

This groundbreaking event will provide important insights into the improvements that can be achieved in animal nutrition through the use of proteases – digestive enzymes which help break down proteins into peptides or amino acids in the gut. When added to feed, proteases improve the protein digestibility leading to reduced feed costs or improved animal performance. In addition the effect of increased protein utilization leads to reduced dietary protein and associated benefits to the environment.

While proteases offer many benefits for the livestock and feed industry, choosing the right protease for specific feed application and knowing how to utilize them effectively and consistently is essential for success. The DSM-Novozymes Feed Protease Dialog will comprise two days of lectures and workshops aimed at the latest expertise and knowledge in the science of proteases. The first day is devoted to ‘Proteins, Proteases and Gut Physiology’, while the second covers ‘Experiences and Challenges in Applying Proteases’. This comprehensive program provides an important forum for leading experts from around the world to share their scientific knowledge, ideas and experience.

As the creator of the RONOZYME® range of enzymes (carbohydrases, proteases and phytases), the DSM-Novozymes Alliance has driven the global feed enzymes market from its infancy. RONOZYME ProAct, the first mono-component pure protease for animal feed, was successfully launched in Latin America in 2008, in Asia Pacific in 2009, in the EU in 2010 and the US in 2011. It unlocks the nutritional value of a large variety of feed proteins by complementing digestive enzymes such as pepsin and pancreatic proteases. As well as reduced feed costs, RONOZYME ProAct also offers a clear environmental advantage. Increased protein digestibility reduces emissions of ammonia and other nitrogen compounds into the environment, thereby lowering the environmental impact of animal production. The RONOZYME portfolio continues to grow as new value-added applications are developed for this innovative spectrum of feed additives.

Inge Knap, Global Category Manager Feed Enzymes, DSM Animal Nutrition & Health, comments: “The DSM-Novozymes Feed Protease Dialog is another example of how to provide a unique combination of value-adding, innovative research through collaboration with the scientific community to benefit our customers but also the world we all live in.”