Press release

DSM announces a price increase for its Vitamins A, B2 and E used in animal nutrition

Kaiseraugst, CH, 15 Jan 2014 10:15 CET

DSM is to host a seminar entitled ‘Feed Enzymes – science into practice’ in collaboration with its strategic partner Novozymes on 8 May 2014. DSM’s ability to create valuable nutritional solutions is supported by a broad product portfolio and commitment to open collaboration between industry experts and customers. Through a series of lectures and roundtable discussions from highly respected members of the scientific community, a comprehensive overview of the latest practical and scientific insights on the use of enzymes to optimize animal nutrition will be presented. This European event is the first in a new program of international seminars on different topics that will take place in Latin America, North America and Asia-Pacific regional hubs.

The event follows on from a highly successful workshop held in Copenhagen in June 2013. Here, a diverse global team of leading scientists spent two days discussing advancement in the areas of enzymes, protein nutrition and physiology. The May 2014 event aims to disseminate the key findings from this meeting to a wider audience of nutritionists, feed manufacturers and members of the poultry industry.

Proteases are the most recent and innovative additions to the range of enzymes available to the animal feed industry. Already, they provide considerable economic benefit to the livestock industry globally through their positive effect on animal performance, litter quality, animal welfare and the environment. Given the potential of this class of enzyme, it is important that nutritionists are up to date and confident about the benefits of enzymes, and also the ongoing scientific research to extract even more benefit for the future.

Adam Smith, Market Development Manager, RONOZYME® ProAct EMEA, DSM commented: “Scientific discussions arising from the global protease dialogue meeting earlier this year also provide key information for the practical nutritionist using these enzyme products in their feed. They need to know what benefits can be achieved and to be confident in the science behind such concepts as well as understand the challenges. This event aims to achieve this and more.”

Inge Knap, Global Category Manager, Feed Enzymes, DSM, added: “The DSM-Novozymes feed enzyme dialogue is another perfect example of DSM leading the collaboration between industry and the scientific community, providing benefits not only to its customers, but for the livestock industry as a whole and also the world we live in.”

DSM recognizes that there is tremendous value in enzymes for the industry and through working with customers and scientific experts fully intends to extract all their potential. Such challenges can only to be expected with new and innovative concepts. It is only through strong transfer of scientific information, open discussion and collaboration between science and industry that the full potential of products and nutritional concepts will be derived. This event will provide a forum where such two way interaction can occur, to unlock the full potential of enzymes in animal nutrition.