Press release

DSM helps support sustainable cost management with innovative new thermostable enzyme

Kaiseraugst, CH, 01 Apr 2014 10:15 CEST

DSM has strengthened its leadership position in thermostable enzymes with the launch of RONOZYME® MultiGrain (GT), further expanding the innovative portfolio of feed enzymes created by the DSM-Novozymes Alliance.

RONOZYME MultiGrain’s multiple enzyme activities will remain stable under pelleting conditions of up to 90°C. This is achieved by applying the latest production and coating technology available at Novozymes’ manufacturing facility. This innovation confirms the DSM-Novozymes Alliance’s commitment to counter steadily increasing feed costs in a sustainable manner.

RONOZYME MultiGrain contains guaranteed levels of three key enzyme activities. Its unique combination of xylanase and β–glucanases offers the flexibility to safely formulate when using highly variable raw materials. The application of DSM’s DIF (Digestibility Improvement Factor) system can result in feed cost savings of up to 20€/MT feed.

“Today’s feed industry applies increasingly stringent processing conditions with a view to improving feed quality and safety,” explains Dr Inne Gantois, Market Development Manager Carbohydrases at DSM. “Increasing pelleting temperatures and conditioning times challenge us to continuously improve our products. RONOZYME MultiGrain is an excellent example of how we invest in innovation so as to serve our customers’ evolving needs.”

Dr Gantois adds: “The new production technology developed for the manufacture of RONOZYME MultiGrain also allows us to achieve a high number of particles in our product, which results in a homogenous distribution of the enzymes through the feed.”

RONOZYME MultiGrain is available in all EU markets as of today. It is scheduled for introduction in Russia, Middle East and Africa later on.