Press release

DSM breeder performance ingredient exclusively endorsed by European Union

Kaiseraugst, CH, 01 Sep 2014 10:15 CEST

Following the publication of the European Commission Regulation No 684/2014 on the 20th of June 2014, DSM Nutritional Products announces that CAROPHYLL® Red 10%, a key ingredient in the innovative MaxiChick™ has been officially recognized as a zootechnical additive. As the first ever European approval for a canthaxanthin product, this exclusive authorization validates the beneficial effects of the carotenoid supplement on the reproductive performance of breeding hens.

Used successfully as a pigmenting feed for over 40 years, this approval marks a significant milestone in recognising the hatchability and fertility benefits of canthaxanthin. DSM’s leadership in this field is substantiated by the fact that the zootechnical use of canthaxanthin is exclusive to CAROPHYLL Red 10%.

Preceded by a positive scientific assessment from the European Food Safety Authority1 and the granting of a European patent2 in 2013, this European holder-specific endorsement is the successful end result of DSM’s comprehensive R&D and registration process.

Catherine Hamelin, European Category Manager Carotenoids at DSM, comments: “We are excited about this EU breakthrough authorization. By achieving this approval, DSM has once again demonstrated its position at the forefront of innovating in animal nutrition.

“Canthaxanthin is well recognized to fulfil a number of important biological functions in wild and domestic birds during embryo development. Now officially recognized as a zootechnical additive, CAROPHYLL Red 10% delivers clear benefits to customers in enhancing the reproductive performance of their breeding hens, particularly in conjunction with vitamin D3. This is particularly significant, as our MaxiChick solution has been demonstrated in scientific studies and field tests to produce three more chicks per housed hen and deliver a ROI of four to one.”