Press release

DSM launches the MaxiChick™ Breeder Calculator App

Kaiseraugst, CH, 22 Sep 2014 10:00 CEST

DSM has launched an app to support its innovative MaxiChick™ productivity improvement solution for breeder flocks.

Developed for farmers, nutritionists, researchers and other professionals in the poultry industry, the MaxiChick Breeder Calculator App facilitates the quick and easy calculation of the potential benefits of using new technology for the improved profitability of breeder flocks.

Breeder farmers around the world are struggling to achieve the genetic potential of their poultry flocks and potential gains in profitability. The MaxiChick Breeder Calculator App can help by evaluating the potential impact of any possible change in husbandry practice or diet on the profitability of the flock. The new app can therefore be used to support decision-making processes, feed additive evaluation and training and teaching.

This user-friendly new app from DSM enables the quick calculation of the potential benefits (in terms of extra chicks per hen) of increasing the number of settable eggs, enhancing egg fertility, and boosting hatchability compared to existing industry standards. It may be used for broilers, layers or turkey breeders.

The MaxiChick Breeder Calculator App draws on the most recent published standard parameters from the leading genetic houses. Based on a simple three-step process it allows the user to visualize the extra profit that could be generated by introducing feeding innovations. The user simply selects the relevant species, genetic line and currency and can then use sliders to change key parameters such as settable eggs, fertile eggs, and hatchability.

Dr. Fernando Cisneros, Global Category Manager Carotenoids (Animal Nutrition and Health) DSM, comments: “In university and field studies, MaxiChick has been shown to increase the number of chicks produced per hen as a result of improved fertility, healthier and stronger chicks, a less traumatic hatching process, and thus a higher hatching rate. The MaxiChick Breeder Calculator App makes it easy to understand the benefits of MaxiChick - and therefore easier to capitalize on them. This will be good news to hard-pressed breeder farmers.”

The MaxiChick Breeder Calculator is available in Apple stores as a free app for iPads.