Press release

DSM launches new Egg Yolk Pigmentation Guidelines and YolkFan™

Kaiseraugst, CH, 02 Mar 2016 08:00 CET

DSM has announced the launch of its new Egg Yolk Pigmentation Guidelines and the addition of a new color to YolkFan™. YolkFan provides a simple means of measuring yolk color and the addition of a new shade will help producers to cover the demand for highly pigmented yolks in markets like Japan and the Middle East.

YolkFan has been developed from the DSM Yolk Color Fan; recreating the original 15 colors with the addition of a deeper 16th shade. YolkFan is an inexpensive and easy tool to use when testing the color of a yolk and the new shade reflects the tendency towards a deeper yolk color in several markets. Leading digital egg testers now use YolkFan as their calibration standard.

The link between pigmented eggs coming from healthy hens is being recognized widely and, as a consequence, consumers have begun to ask for a deeper shade of yolk color. A bright yolk color can be considered an indicator of the good health status and performance of a flock, so a means to test the yolk color effectively is required. In order to produce YolkFan, yolks were evaluated sensorially, optically and chemically and the perfect 16th yolk shade was selected by a team of scientists.

Dr David Nickell, VP of Global Marketing DSM Animal Nutrition & Health, said: “After two years of work and the re-creation of the entire yolk color range, we are very proud to present the new fan and recommendations for a 16th shade of yolk color. This development will be fundamental for protecting the investment of egg producers and their customers across the world.”

To access DSM’s new Egg Yolk Pigmentation Guidelines 2016 and to find more information on YolkFan, please visit: