dsm-firmenich acquires next-generation eubiotics platform start-up


Royal dsm-firmenich, a global science-based company in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living, has acquired Midori USA, Inc. (“Midori”), a biotechnology start-up with a novel precision platform developing breakthrough targeted eubiotics that improve the health and environmental impact of animals. dsm-firmenich already owns 38.5% of the shares of Midori and has today acquired the remaining 61.5% for a consideration of US$63m.

Boston Massachusetts-based Midori has developed a technology platform that identifies glycans derived from natural food sugars that can precisely modulate how the gut microbiome functions in animals. These glycans provide an effective and consistent impact on animal gut health, leading to improved nutrient utilization from feed and improved animal health. Such eubiotics can reduce the environmental footprint of animal farming and support the accelerated replacement of antibiotics in animal feed.

The use of eubiotics has grown significantly as farming practices shift to become more sustainable and along with the need to provide antibiotic alternatives. Midori’s platform is highly synergetic with dsm-firmenich’s bioscience capability and current eubiotics portfolio, which was further strengthened through the acquisition of Biomin (as part of the Erber Group).

dsm-firmenich will launch its first targeted glycan - Symphiome™ - later this year. This unique eubiotic will be the first product from dsm-firmenich’s collaboration with Midori, leveraging functional modulation of the gut microbiome to improve the gut health, feed efficiency and welfare of poultry, while reducing the use of antibiotics and lowering the environmental emissions of poultry farming. Symphiome™ will be the second novel mode of action eubiotic product that dsm-firmenich will bring to the market after the successful launch of Balancius®, a breakthrough innovation that improves the overall digestive health of animals.

Published on

26 July 2021


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