dsm-firmenich and Foundation Earth partner to promote food eco-labeling

Kaiseraugst (CH), 30 January 2023

Royal dsm-firmenich, a global purpose-led science-based company, and Foundation Earth, an independent, non-profit organization issuing front-of-pack Eco Impact scores on food products, announce their agreement to cooperate on eco-labeling of food and beverages to empower consumers to make more sustainable food choices based on transparent and credible information.

Within the new partnership dsm-firmenich will undertake full Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) for participating brands under the Foundation Earth method, enabling companies to access an aggregated eco impact score on their food and drink products, as well as an ecolabel that can be displayed on the front-of-pack. The scores delivered by Foundation Earth range from A+ to G and are re-certified yearly, making it possible for product owners to improve their production and grade over time.

The agreement means that agri-food companies joining Foundation Earth can now access dsm-firmenich’s SustellTM service to measure and improve the environmental impacts of animal protein products (e.g. eggs, milk, fish and meat), based on accredited methodologies (e.g. EU PEF).

Developed by dsm-firmenich with Blonk Consultants, Sustell™ is a first-of-its-kind intelligent sustainability service that delivers accurate, simple, and actionable farm-level solutions to improve animal protein production’s environmental footprint and profitability. By catalyzing sustainable value chains and enabling environmental transparency and supply chain to differentiate, Sustell™ helps producers achieve their sustainability commitments.

Cliona Howie, CEO at Foundation Earth, Foundation Earth: “At Foundation Earth we are always looking to extend our knowledge by partnering with diverse experts in the food sector. We are excited to join forces with dsm-firmenich, who will allow us to scale our work and bring further expertise on Life Cycle Assessments for protein under the Foundation Earth method.”

Ivo Lansbergen, Executive Vice President of Animal Nutrition and Health at dsm-firmenich: “I firmly believe that nutrition and sustainability information are essential for consumers to make informed decisions. Primary, farm-level data is key to enabling all the players in the animal protein value chain to unlock new market opportunities and create a race to the top in terms of sustainability. SustellTM makes it possible.”

Foundation Earth

Foundation Earth is an independent, non-profit organisation issuing front-of-pack environmental scores on food products, helping businesses build a more resilient and environmentally sustainable food system while giving consumers the tools they need to make sustainable buying choices.

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30 January 2023


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