dsm-firmenich announces EU approval for ProAct 360™ in poultry

dsm-firmenich, the leading innovator in health, nutrition, and beauty, and its alliance partner Novonesis are delighted to announce the EU regulatory approval of the innovative feed protease ProAct 360™.

To remain profitable in today’s highly competitive environment, European poultry producers must contend with many factors, including fluctuating ingredient prices, genetic evolution, intestinal health considerations, welfare requirements, and sustainability demands. The effective management of protein uptake is key to successfully navigating these challenges.

Following EU-wide approval, ProAct 360™, will now be available to feed and poultry producers for use in all fattening poultry and in chickens reared for laying and breeding.

As the only second-generation protease developed specifically for the feed industry, ProAct 360™ represents new enzyme technology that benefits the poultry industry in terms of feed efficiency, affordability and sustainability. ProAct 360™ breaks down protein faster across a broad range of feed ingredients, delivers greater digestibility of all amino acids and better degrades anti-nutritional factors—leading to improved consistency of response and higher return on investment.

By improving the efficiency of protein absorption in the small intestine, ProAct 360™ also permits the formulation of lower-protein diets with a reduced proportion of soybean meal. This substantially reduces the environmental impact of poultry production while at the same time contributing to improved intestinal health and animal welfare.

Coupled with a unique set of value-added digital services, ranging from raw material analysis to a sustainability calculator that enable deeper insights and more informed decision-making for poultry operations, ProAct 360™ is the 360-degree solution for protein management in poultry production today.

Adam Smith, Feed Optimization Marketing & Business Development Manager at dsm-firmenich Animal Nutrition & Health comments: “The issue of EU regulatory approval for ProAct 360™ promises significant benefits for poultry farmers in this region and underlines the dsm-firmenich | Novonesis alliance’s commitment to providing value-adding, sustainable solutions for the global feed and animal protein industry.”

ProAct 360™ was initially launched in Latin America in June 2021 and in the United States in November 2022.

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Published on

04 April 2024


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