22 JAN 2019

DSM and ProMed Pharma announce partnership: A match made in drugs and polymers

ProMed Pharma and DSM Biomedical announce they have reached an agreement on a technical and business development partnership. The companies will jointly pursue collaborations in the area of polymeric drug delivery and promote each other’s capabilities with current and future customers. A particular focus will be on the use of ProMed’s micromolding and extrusion capabilities in conjunction with DSM’s biomedical polyurethanes, polyurethaneureas, and bioerodible amino acid based polyesteramides to develop novel sustained release drug implants and combination devices.

Both companies have a number of close working relationships with established and early-stage medical device and pharmaceutical companies, developing robust material formulations, manufacturing processes, and platforms for controlled release of drugs. Dr. James Arps, Director of ProMed Pharma commented, “ProMed and DSM have been working together on novel drug delivery technologies for many years and we look forward to leveraging our respective capabilities to cooperate more closely on projects of mutual interest.”

Through this cooperation both companies aim to strengthen their respective abilities to help medical companies develop products that address many growing trends in medicine - from treating an aging population to caring for a more active one - meeting the need for safer, less invasive procedures that are also more cost-effective. Marc Hendriks, Head of Strategy and Alliances, DSM, “ProMed has complementary technologies to what DSM offers, creating an opportunity for both companies to better fulfill market needs by providing our customers an integrated solution to formulation, process development, and manufacturing services, in the development of sustained release drug and/or combination products. We are convinced that our long-term cooperation will lead to joint success.”

DSM Biomedical is a leader in medical device materials development with a focus on passive, active and regenerative biomaterial technology, including biomedical polyurethanes, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylenes, resorbable polymers, bioceramics, collagens, extracellular matrices, cellular therapies, coatings and drug delivery platforms.

ProMed Pharma grew out of work at its sister company ProMed Molded Products in the molding of small, intricately designed silicone and thermoplastic components and sub-assemblies. ProMed Pharma leveraged this expertise to begin production of injection-molded and micro-extruded drug releasing implants and combination device components.

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