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In the United States alone, it’s estimated that 3.6 million people were treated for sports or recreational injuries in 20221. Creating new devices and treatments that support improved motion preservation in the shoulder, knee, extremities and hip has never been more important for both patients, and our partners. Today, we are striving to achieve it through our biomaterials expertise.

1. National Safety Council 2023 Sports and Recreational Injuries - Injury Facts (nsc.org)

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Master Files

25 FDA Material Master Files available to support regulatory submissions. 

Application spotlight - Rotator cuff repair

Every year in the United States, more than 250,000 rotator cuff repair procedures are performed. Although suture anchors are typically used to secure torn tendons to the humoral head, we are now seeing repairs commonly being supplemented with a variety of reinforcing scaffolds during orthopedic surgeries. 

One of the greatest advantages that the DSM Biomedical team can offer orthopedic device manufacturers in applications such as rotator cuff repair is choice. We are not committed to just one material or process. In fact, we can draw on a very diverse range of different biomaterials and orthopedic technologies – that can also be combined in novel ways. 

If you want a material that is as close to its native state as possible, we offer Extracellular Matrix (ECM) scaffolds. However, if you prefer a synthetic material for rotator cuff repair, our Biomerix™ medical polyurethane provides a unique three-dimensional, open-cell microporous structure. The choice is truly yours.

Sports medicine challenges: assessing the field

In soft tissue repair and augmentation, we see an increasing need to shorten operation times and recovery periods for patients.

Other key challenges include increasing the strength and flexibility of the materials used in surgical anchors and sutures; but also the biocompatibility of the materials needed to achieve successful tissue union in meniscus repair procedures. Today, our experts are working to address all of these challenges (and more).

Discover our integrated biomaterial portfolio for sports medicine

Motion preservation

To solve the diverse challenges in motion preservation and sports medicine, we draw on a broad portfolio of biomaterial technologies to support the body’s natural healing response and potentially improve patient outcomes. These biomaterials can be fine-tuned and customized based on your unique application needs. 

Soft tissue repair & augmentation

Here, our biocompatible medical polyurethane scaffolds are ideal for reinforcement and regeneration due to their strength, stability, and compatibility with other biomaterials. These materials are also a great choice for soft tissue augmentation, cartilage repair, and resurfacing orthopedic implants.

Soft tissue reattachment

Our high-strength and reliable Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene fiber enables long-lasting soft tissue repair in suture anchors, and bone fixation. 

For high-performance, anchors and screws used in soft tissue repair for various joints, our strong, durable medical polyurethanes are an ideal choice.

Bone remodelling, regeneration & repair

Here our natural biomaterials like bioceramics and medical grade collagen bring unique handling and regenerative capabilities to all kinds of orthopedic devices and surgical applications.


For clear visualization during procedures (cerclage, acromio-clavicular or syndesmosis), our unique radiopaque polyethylenes are an ideal choice.

An unrivaled biomaterials portfolio

We are proud to offer you a portfolio of customizable, combinable, and sustainable biomaterials that is unrivaled in the medical industry.

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