Sustained release drug delivery solutions for multi-month release

Our polymeric drug delivery solutions enable you to create sustained release patient therapies that can lower the dosing frequency for patients. In fact, our biodegradable and biostable TheraPEA™ polyester amides and polyurethanes unlock the potential for unprecedented design freedom of your therapies thanks to tunable properties that can be formulated to work in harmony with even the most challenging APIs.

We work with partners worldwide across the continuum of healthcare to co-create innovative medical devices and therapies that bring progress to life for patients everywhere



Controlled linear drug release for up to 6 months.


Broad IP lasting into the mid-2030s.



30-plus years of experience in materials for biomedical applications.

Why choose our polymeric drug delivery solutions for your therapy?

When you choose DSM Biomedical, you can be assured that our solutions are designed to perform safely inside the human body, long-term. We can help you deliver even the most challenging Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in a sustained way – achieving multi-month, controlled release with zero-order degradation across a wide range of indications.

We also support you with with custom process development for different polymeric drug delivery forms; which includes the following, for added peace of mind:

  • Full support from feasibility to cGMP manufacturing.
  • A broad IP portfolio that can extend the lifecycle of branded products.

Portfolio Overview

Discover our solutions for sustained release drug delivery

TheraPEA™ biodegradable polyester amides

This highly degradable polymer enables you to create formulations with near-linear sustained release rates - from weeks to six months-plus - thus unlocking the potential for lower dosing frequency in patients. 

  • TheraPEA™ is a highly biocompatible polymer, proven in ophthalmic, intravascular, and intra-articular applications. 
  • It enables controlled degradation kinetics without acidification of the microenvironment – making it highly compatible with pH sensitive Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.


Medical polyurethanes

Our biostable polyurethanes have a proven track record in sustained release drug delivery – and are compatible with a wide range of specific Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (hydrophobic, hydrophilic small molecules, biologics). We can further support you here with:

  • The potential for mechanical properties ideal for creating flexible polymeric drug delivery applications.
  • Deep organizational knowledge of melt-and-solution processing of polyurethanes.
  • A proven clinical history in medical devices.
  • FDA Master Files and support for global regulatory filings.

Application spotlight: Drug delivery that benefits all

What is your ideal drug delivery solution? At DSM Biomedical we believe it’s one that benefits all - our partners, patients, and the planet.

Today, our experts are helping to make this a reality through our TheraPEA™ polyester amide platform, which enables sustained drug release, in a more sustainable way. That means multi-month, controlled release; and a zero-order degradation profile – with good correlation in-vitro and in-vivo up to 180 days. 

TheraPEA™ is compatible with even the most challenging APIs – unlocking the potential for bold new drug delivery solutions that can improve clinical outcome for patients, deliver better healthcare economics for providers, and boost sustainability by creating significantly less medical waste.

We create sustainable healthcare solutions that deliver tangible and valuable sustainability benefits to our partners – with no compromises on safety or performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are common questions that our experts get asked. Do you have a different question? Contact us.

What are the key benefits of sustained release drug delivery solutions over conventional dosing methods?

  • Significantly less frequent dosing
  • Better adherence to therapy, potentially leading to fewer side effects and complications

How can our synthetic polymers for sustained release drug delivery be processed?

  • Hot melt extrusion, injection molding, or via solutions processing
  • Potential for injectable microparticle formulations or as an implantable delivery form (fibers, larger rods, coating or films)
  • Please contact us regarding any specific processing guidelines

What are some benefits of TheraPEA™ polyester amides from DSM Biomedical in drug delivery solutions?

  • Compatible with challenging Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (biologics, free amine small molecules, pH sensitive APIs)
  • Controlled degradation – no pH drop (no acidification)
  • Linear release of synthetic polymers - from multiple weeks to multiple months (>six-month data available for selected applications)
  • Polyester amides and polyurethanes from DSM Biomedical have a long and proven clinical history

What types of drugs are proven for use with DSM sustained release delivery technologies?

  • Small molecules (hydrophilic, hydrophobic, salts, anti-inflammatory, steroids, anti-cancer, anaesthetics, prostaglandin analogs, kinase inhibitors)
  • Biologics (peptides, proteins, and antibodies)

What are the targeted therapeutic areas for the drug delivery market?

Pain management, metabolic disease management (Type II diabetes, obesity), non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), oncology, women’s health, cardiovascular, anti-psychotics, viral disease management (HIV, Hepatitis C); with others evaluated on a case-per-case basis.

How does DSM Biomedical approach sampling for drug delivery partners?

We take different approaches, depending on the case (therapeutic area, type of partner).
Please contact us to learn more.

Does DSM Biomedical offer out-licensing of in-house programs for pharmaceutical applications and medical device development?

Yes, we do. Over the years we have accrued an enormous amount of knowledge and IP covering both the biocompatible polymers and processes used to create sustained release drug delivery solutions. For more information, contact us.

Technical Resources

Looking for more information on how our sustained drug delivery solutions can help you tackle unmet needs?

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Overcoming Limitations in Sustained Release Drug Delivery

Enabling Long-Lasting Outcomes in Coronary Stenting

We understand that medical product development can be a long, winding - and occasionally bumpy road. Rest assured that at DSM Biomedical, we have the proven experience, capabilities, and knowledge to support you every step of the way. 

It starts with using a form-fit-function approach based on a comprehensive understanding of how the human body reacts to biomaterials following implantation. This in turn enables us to design materials that are compatible with the body’s physiology and help you develop finished products that can sustain, restore, and repair – all supported by applicable regulatory requirements. 

Our expert biomaterials team is here and ready to support you

Discover how we can partner with you to create innovative sustained release drug delivery solutions.

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