Biomaterials expertise for improved diabetes management

As the number of global diabetes patients continues to grow1, so does the need to develop new solutions that help them manage their condition more reliably. This is especially true for type II diabetes sufferers, where we know that lifestyle choices can significantly improve their quality of life. Here at DSM Biomedical, we see a diabetes market that’s ripe for innovation; and we have the biomaterial solutions and expertise to help you achieve it.

1 . 537M globally have diabetes with expected 2% CAGR over the next 20 yrs (source: SG ppt)

We work with partners worldwide across the continuum of healthcare to co-create unique solutions for diabetes management that support patient healing – and bring progress to life



15+ years of experience in the diabetes market. 



Every second a patient receives a medical device containing a DSM biomedical solution.



Proven performance - supporting 10 million Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM) annually.

Application spotlight: Glycemic control - with no limitations

Sparsa is a next-generation biomaterial platform developed by our experts to bring new levels of performance to glucose-limiting membranes. 

This unique, amphiphilic polyurethane enables both oxygen and glucose to diffuse through the bio-sensors - and deliver fast, accurate readings using a single material. The result is greater efficiency and sustainability for our partners – with less materials required and no need for polymer multi-blends. 

It’s good news for patients too. Sparsa is not just limited to monitoring glucose. It can also be used to deliver accurate readings for various other analytes throughout the day – thus enabling diabetes sufferers to manage their health even more reliably.

Challenges in diabetes management

As innovative diabetes management solutions like CGMs continue to evolve, we see two key challenges faced by device manufacturers. The first is how to measure glucose more accurately, for improved glycemic control. 

But perhaps just as critical is the need to increase patient comfort in these devices – and therefore unlock the potential for longer lasting therapies with increased adherence. Today, our experts are working with our partners to address both these challenges (and more).

Discover our integrated biomaterial portfolio for diabetes management

CGM sensors

Our partners draw on our portfolio of medical polyurethanes (including Sparsa, Carbosil® and Pursil®) to create glucose-limiting membranes for CGM sensors that contribute to improved diabetes management for patients.

Beta cell therapy

As the diabetes market continues to explore new methods for insulin delivery, one potential answer lies in our drug delivery solutions. These biocompatible materials enable controlled, sustained release over long periods of time - with the potential for less frequent dosing and increased therapy adherence.

Emerging cell therapies

Next-generation solutions (for example, artificial pancreas) need to perform safely inside the human body, long-term. Here, our portfolio of natural biomaterials and medical polyurethanes can provide an effective biological scaffold.

Insulin pumps

Our medical polyurethanes can even be used for the tubing component used in insulin pumps. Their biocompatibility makes them ideal for this frequent body-contact application.

An unrivaled biomaterials portfolio

We are proud to offer you a portfolio of customizable, combinable, and sustainable biomaterials, unrivaled in the medical industry.

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How Membranes Allow Oxygen-Dependent Sensors to Function Longer and More Accurately

Carbosil® Brochure                                                                                                                                                      

Pursil® Brochure                                                                                                                                              

TheraPEA™ Brochure                                                                                                                                   

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