New opportunities for neurovascular disease management

At DSM Biomedical we know that for patients dealing with the trauma of neurovascular diseases, the quality of the interventions they receive can be life-altering. That’s why we support our neurovascular partners every step of the way with medical grade biomaterials and expertise that push the technological boundaries – and enables innovations for everything from microcatheters to covered stents.

We work with partners worldwide across the continuum of healthcare to co-create unique neurovascular solutions that support patient healing – and bring progress to life



10+ years of experience in the neurovascular market.



Every second a patient receives a medical device containing a DSM Biomedical solution.


Master Files

25 FDA Material Master Files available to support regulatory submissions.  

Biomaterial solutions in neurovascular

Our broad portfolio of proven biomaterials and expertise enables the design of safe and effective vascular devices – all based on a unique combination of comprehensive IP, knowledge, and expertise. 

We can support you in the move towards greater digitalization and miniaturization; adding further value through our ability to de-risk your product development process based on biomaterials that have been thoroughly tested internally and cleared by all the relevant regulatory authorities.

Discover our integrated biomaterial portfolio for neurovascular and neurostimulation


Our incredibly small, soft, yet strong biomaterials push technological boundaries. For example, our medical polyurethanes are an ideal solution for neurovascular procedures that require a small microcatheter for delivery access.

Neurovascular and revascularization

Today, our flexible biocompatible and biostable materials are used in embolization via coiling, carotid artery angioplasty, ECR, endovascular stenting, and DBS. This includes applications for revascularization and thrombectomy procedures, embolization, deep brain stimulation, and neuromodulation.

Electronic coatings

Our experts can also customize and combine our materials to support neurovascular treatments even further. For example, our polyurethanes can be coated with our thin yet durable coatings to meet demanding performance requirements in implantable devices.

An unrivaled biomaterials portfolio

We are proud to offer you a portfolio of customizable, combinable, and sustainable biomaterials that is unrivaled in the medical industry.

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At DSM Biomedical we’ve built a wealth of knowledge in neurovascular solutions.

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