Medical grade collagen and collagen processing expertise

Our medical grade collagen expertise draws on nature’s strength to help you create custom medical components and devices that support regenerative healing in new ways. Our implantable materials provide a versatile scaffold for tissue repair, cell proliferation, hemostasis, and drug delivery - all supported by our in-house capabilities that can accelerate your time-to-market.

We work with partners worldwide across the continuum of healthcare to co-create unique collagen solutions that support patient healing – and bring progress to life



 30+ years of proven clinical use.



Implanted in 40 million+ patients worldwide.



30+ years of experience working with the world’s leading medical device and pharmaceutical companies.

Why choose our medical grade collagen for your next project?

Versatility and flexibility is critical when creating regenerative medical solutions, which is why our medical grade collagen is designed to be easily combinable with other biomaterials. 

Utlize our collagen platform for coatings, bioceramic compounding, lyophilization, electrospinning, cell culture, and bio printing – all with tunable micro-architecture and handling properties. Complementing all of this, we bring added peace of mind, through:

  • FDA Master File and support for global regulatory filings.
  • An established supply chain and robust quality system - with MDSAP certification.
  • Biomaterials compliant with recognized ISO and ASTM standards.

Portfolio Overview

Discover our medical grade collagen solutions

Medical grade soluble and fibrous collagen

Derived from bovine tissue, our collagen is versatile across a variety of processes and is available in powder, slurries, films, pads, and custom scaffolds. This includes:

  • Collagen slurry ideal for coatings, composites, and molded forms. 
  • Custom bone grafts compatible with either your bioceramics or ours.


Application spotlight:  It all starts with the material

What’s the key to creating differentiated collagen solutions? It starts with retaining an intact collagen structure while offering versatile handling options.

We start by sourcing a safe material and then carefully processing it to purify the collagen and maintain its integrity. This is key because intact medical grade collagen is a biologically and structurally sound foundation for healing that enables flexibility in the design of customized biomimetic structures.

For example, our collagen can be combined with our partners’ own bioceramics; compounded with resorbable polymers; or offered as a functional scaffold. Whatever the case, our mission is clear: to help you create the next generation of regenerative medical solutions.

We create sustainable healthcare solutions that deliver tangible and valuable sustainability benefits to our partners – with no compromises on safety or performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are common questions that our experts get asked. Do you have a different question? Contact us.

Why would I use collagen in my device?

  • Because collagen is a natural material, it provides an excellent substrate for healing - with tunable remodeling and handling properties (collagen remodeling is driven by host biological processes versus hydrolysis).

What type of collagen is most appropriate for my process?

  • Soluble collagen can be easily adapted in most collagen processing applications; while fibrous collagen may require some additional manipulation.

What can I coat with your collagen?

  • Our medical grade collagen slurries are optimized to coat various materials, including sutures, meshes, and other implantable medical devices.

If we don’t have coatings expertise, who can we contact with questions?

  • Our trusted specialists can support you with any coatings question. Please get in touch and we will be happy to connect you with the right technical service teams.

What class of clean room do you use to process your collagen?

  • DSM Biomedical produces collagen using current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) uses in ISO Class 8 Clean Rooms. For more information, please see our Quality & Certifications.

How do I know your collagen is safe?

  • Our medical grade collagen has been used in devices globally and has treated more than 40 million patients worldwide over a period of more than 30 years. Our rigorous animal sourcing procedures, thorough quality control system, and adherence to established regulatory guidelines have made DSM Biomedical the partner of choice in medical grade collagen devices for regenerative medical solutions.

Technical Resources

Looking for more information on how our collagen solutions can help you tackle unmet needs?

Medical Grade Collagen: Components & Devices Datasheet

Medical Grade Collagen: Soluble & Fibrous Materials Datasheet

We understand that medical product development can be a long, winding - and occasionally bumpy road. Rest assured that at DSM Biomedical, we have the proven experience, capabilities, and knowledge to support you every step of the way. 

It starts with using a form-fit-function approach based on a comprehensive understanding of how the human body reacts to biomaterials following implantation. This in turn enables us to design materials that are compatible with the body’s physiology and help you develop finished products that can sustain, restore, and repair – all supported by applicable regulatory requirements. 


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