Ulteeva Purity™ medical grade powder for orthopedic implants

Our Ulteeva Purity™ medical grade powder is based on a proven polyethylene platform with a long clinical history. In fact, our extensive experience in orthopedics and joint reconstruction enables us to be especially competitive in ​​​​UHMWPE powder – enabling you to create tomorrow’s solutions today.

We work with partners worldwide across the continuum of healthcare to co-create UHMWPE powder-based solutions that support patient healing – and bring progress to life



30+ years of experience working with the world’s leading medical device and pharmaceutical companies.



20+ years of clinical use for our Ulteeva Purity™ polyethylenes.



100+ years of experience within our polyethylene innovation team.

Why choose our medical grade UHMWPE powder for your next project?

We take a flexible approach to co-creation by supporting you with a knowledgeable team of engineers, scientists, and technicians - all dedicated to translating your market needs into bold new Ulteeva Purity™ powder-based product designs. 

This includes more sustainable options for both our partners and patients – with a bio-based version of our Ulteeva Purity™ powder now available, with no compromise on performance. Complementing this, we bring added peace of mind, through:

  • A total commitment to supply chain quality and standards. We are ISO13485 certified and our Ulteeva Purity MG001 powder meets the requirements of ASTM F648 and ISO 5834-1 for type 1 powder.
  • A trusted ecosystem of industry partners, able to help you achieve your goals.

Application spotlight: Beyond biomaterials

Ulteeva Purity™ polyethylene powder is an essential component in orthopedic implants for hip and knee, but at DSM Biomedical our value stretches beyond biomaterials in these applications. 

We are proud to be part of dsm-firmenich – which has been a leader in vitamin development and manufacturing for more than 70 years. This in turn gives us the potential to combine Ulteeva Purity™ powder with our parent company’s vitamin E in orthopedic implants – where it functions as an essential antioxidant that extends the lifetime of the device.  

Potentially, great news for our partners, patients – and the planet.

We create sustainable healthcare solutions that deliver tangible and valuable sustainability benefits to our partners – with no compromises on safety or performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs regarding our Ulteeva Purity™ UHMWPE powder. Do you have a different question? Contact us

What is the relationship between Ulteeva Purity™ and Dyneema Purity®?

  • Ulteeva Purity™ is our new brand name for Dyneema Purity®. However, the technology and team remains the same.

Does DSM Biomedical also provide compression-molded bar stock materials?

  •  No, we provide the UHMWPE powder and then work closely with recognized molders to organize molded samples for you.  

Can DSM Biomedical provide data on conventional molded and crosslinked samples?

  • The molding and annealing process is critical for the properties, and therefore dependent on where and how it is molded. However, DSM Biomedical conducted studies in cooperation with the molders to collect data for (highly) crosslinked and EtO-sterilized configurations. 

Does your Ulteeva Purity™ powder meet ISO 5834-1, ASTM F648 and GB/T 19701-1 requirements?

  • Yes, we meet the relevant requirements for the powder section of these recognized standards.

Technical Resources

Looking for more information on how our UHMWPE powder can help you tackle unmet needs?

Ulteeva Purity™ Brochure                              

Overcoming Challenges With Metal Cerclage Cables                  

We understand that medical product development can be a long, winding - and occasionally bumpy road. Rest assured that at DSM Biomedical, we have the proven experience, capabilities, and knowledge to support you every step of the way. 

It starts with using a form-fit-function approach based on a comprehensive understanding of how the human body reacts to biomaterials following implantation. This in turn enables us to design materials that are compatible with the body’s physiology and help you develop finished products that can sustain, restore, and repair – all supported by applicable regulatory requirements. 

ISO 5834-1 for Type 1 Powder


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Discover how we can partner with you to co-create innovative orthopedic solutions with our polyethylene powder.

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