Natural biomaterials expertise for your regenerative medical solutions

If you want to unlock new potential in regenerative medical components and devices, look no further than DSM Biomedical. Our natural biomaterials draw on nature’s strength to support improved patient healing in unique ways with our extracellular matrices (ECM), bioceramic bone implant materials, and medical grade collagen portfolio - all supported by proven processing capabilities and expertise.

Explore our natural biomaterials solutions

  • Bioceramics


    Our bioceramic materials promote bone remodelling, regeneration, and repair in orthopedic medical devices. These materials are not just compatible with the human body; they also bring you unparalleled design freedom thanks to their compatibility with your technologies.

  • Medical Grade Collagen

    Medical Grade Collagen

    In custom medical components and devices, our medical grade collagen provides you with a versatile scaffold for tissue engineering and repair, cell proliferation, hemostasis, and drug delivery. We complement this with processing capabilities that can boost this performance even further and accelerate your speed-to-market.

  • Extracellular Matrices

    Extracellular Matrices

    Our ECM technology offers you guided tissue regeneration that supports patient healing by mimicking natural tissue and enabling cellular integration. Today, these biomimetic materials are used in everything from wound care and soft tissue reconstruction to orthopedic and cardiovascular applications.

A long-term partner you can trust

No matter where you are in your product development journey, we have the proven materials, capabilities, and expertise to help make your vision a reality.

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