Supporting disease management with innovative drug delivery solutions

What exactly can a biomaterials expert offer the pharmaceutical industry in developing therapies that make life more comfortable and convenient for patients? One solution with huge potential in all kinds of disease prevention and management therapies is our sustained drug release biomaterials and expertise.

A proven partner in pharma

We work with our pharmaceutical partners to achieve their Target Product Profile (TPP) through unique implantable and injectable drug delivery formulations. With its sustained release, our TheraPEA™ polyester amide platform can enable longer-lasting therapies that increase patient comfort and their subsequent adherence to the therapy – while being compatible with a wide range of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). 

Our expertise also brings additional strategic benefits to partners. Drawing on our wealth of IP, we can support your pre-clinical development activities and collaborate to leverage this even further by protecting and extending the lifetime of branded sales based on the new formulations we create.


Discover how we can support your development of drug delivery solutions for disease management 


Enabling natural healing across a variety of applications, ranging from drug-eluting stent coatings to drug coated balloons.

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Measuring glucose more accurately and increasing patient comfort in these devices.

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Metabolic disease

Increasing patient convenience and adherence in the management of metabolic diseases, including diabetes and obesity.

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Formulating long-duration drug formulations that are compatible with even the most challenging APIs.

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Easing the treatment burden for patients with eye disease and vision disorders through longer-duration therapies.

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Pain management

Creating more effective therapy options for osteoarthritis patients, with lower dosing frequency.

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Viral disease

Increasing both access to therapy and more effective delivery methods for the prevention and management of viral diseases, including HIV and hepatitis.

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Women's health

Beyond our TheraPEA™ solution, we offer implantable medical polyurethanes for drug delivery in endometriosis and contraceptive vaginal rings.

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Transformative biomedical solutions – fit for tomorrow’s healthcare 

An unrivaled biomaterials portfolio

We are proud to offer you a portfolio of customizable, combinable, and sustainable biomaterials that is unrivaled in the medical industry.

An invitation for innovation

Contact us today to discover how our team can partner with you to enable new drug therapies in disease prevention and management.

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