It’s our people that make the difference

Our purpose is to bring progress to life through innovative, customized healthcare solutions that benefit both patients and our partners. Highlights include:


A diverse portfolio of biomaterial products and platforms, most of which are fully customizable and compatible.


25 FDA Master Files and submission expertise based on in-depth knowledge of medical device manufacturing.


Proven solutions. Every second a patient receives a medical device containing one of our biomaterials.

Proud to be part of dsm-firmenich

DSM Biomedical is part of  dsm-firmenich - a global leader in health, nutrition, and beauty, with a combined 150-year-plus heritage in scientific discovery and innovation. Every day we work at the crossroads of what’s essential for life, desirable for society, and sustainable for our planet – always driven by our purpose of bringing progress to life.


Sustainable healthcare that benefits patients and planet

We strive to bring progress to life through sustainable healthcare that benefits both people and planet. It starts with minimizing the footprint of our own operations, and then extends upstream to our supply chain and ultimately downstream to our partners.

This includes a unique, Safe & Sustainable by Design methodology that drives sustainable innovation into our projects and products at every stage – from product design and material selection to manufacturing and lifecycle assessment. As a result, we bring added value to our partners through high-performing yet sustainable healthcare solutions that benefit all.

Meet our global leadership team

 Brian Broeders
 President Biomedical a.i. and Chief Financial Officer

 Michelle Ortiz
 Vice President, Innovation & Sustainability

 Marc Hendriks
 VP Strategy and Business Development

 Gersen Gabriel
 VP Global Operations

 Juan Rojas
 Head of Global QARA, Clinical & PMO

 Eric Shelton
 Vice President, Global Commercial

 Guyomard Beckers
 Senior Director Global Digital Experience

 Gemma Isherwood
 Senior Director Global People and Organization


We comply with all applicable regulatory requirements and maintain FDA Material Master Files for many of our products.  

A unique biomedical partner

Our business is built on creating customized and combinable biomaterial products and platforms that harness the body’s own ability to heal itself, thus accelerating and improving the restorative process.  

Although not strictly a medical device manufacturer, we bring years of in-depth research, knowledge and hard-earned intellectual property to finished devices – which enables our people to create solutions based on a ‘form-fit function’ approach that meets the unique needs of our partners. To achieve this, we work with you in a uniquely consultative way to partner across your healthcare portfolio. 

No matter where you are in your product development journey, DSM Biomedical is ready to support you

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