Supporting restorative healing in joint reconstruction

The number of joint replacement surgeries in 2022 outperformed historical averages1. To keep pace with these market developments we are now seeing a market fueled by new innovations - including the rise of robotics and the growth of tailored implant and technology designs. Our team is working closer than ever with orthopedic partners to bring these designs to life through our biomaterials expertise.

1. The Orthopedic Industry Annual Report 2023

We work with partners worldwide across the continuum of healthcare to co-create unique joint reconstruction solutions that support patient healing – and bring progress to life



30+ years of experience in developing orthopedic solutions.



Every second a patient receives a medical device containing a DSM Biomedical solution.


Master Files

25 FDA Material Master Files available to support regulatory submissions. 

Challenges in joint reconstruction

Closing the patient ‘satisfaction gap’ is one of the greatest challenges faced by our partners. In fact, for knee replacement procedures alone, it’s estimated that 20% of patients are unsatisfied with the outcome.

Whether in joint reconstructions for the knee, hip, shoulder, or ankle, our partners need solutions that can help reduce the associated pain of implants and extend the implant life itself – thereby reducing the physical and financial cost of repeat surgeries. Today, our experts are working to address all of these challenges (and more).

Discover our integrated biomaterial portfolio for joint reconstruction

Joint reconstruction (knee, hip, shoulder & ankle)

Our experts draw on a broad biomaterial portfolio to enhance the body’s natural healing response in joint reconstruction - including medical polyurethanes and hydrophilic coatings. These biocompatible materials can be fine-tuned and customized by our experts based on your unique application needs.

Joint replacements

High-strength biocompatible materials like our Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene powders can also potentially extend the life of joint implants - limiting friction within the device thanks to their stronger crosslinking properties: great news for improved patient outcomes.

An unrivaled biomaterials portfolio

We are proud to offer you a portfolio of customizable, combinable, and sustainable biomaterials that is unrivaled in the medical industry.

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Considerations When Choosing a Biomaterial for Orthopedic Devices Part 1

Considerations When Choosing a Biomaterial for Orthopedic Devices Part 2

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