Pushing performance in devices for peripheral vascular disease

While there may be no cure for peripheral vascular disease, there is much the healthcare industry can do to increase both the mobility and comfort of patients through next-generation peripheral stents and stent grafts with reduced restenosis and stent deformation. To achieve this, medical device companies are increasingly turning to our medical grade biomaterials because of their ability to deliver high strength at low profile in these intricate applications.

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Biomaterial solutions in peripheral vascular

Our broad portfolio of proven biomaterials and expertise enables the design of innovative vascular devices – all based on a unique combination of comprehensive IP, knowledge, and expertise. 

We can support you in the move towards greater digitalization and miniaturization; adding further value through our ability to de-risk your product development process based on biomaterials that have been thoroughly tested internally and cleared by all the relevant regulatory authorities.

Discover our integrated biomaterial portfolio for peripheral vascular applications

Peripheral stents and stent grafts

The ability for our medical grade biomaterials to deliver high strength at low profiles is helping to advance the treatment of blood circulation disorders of the heart and brain in peripheral stents and stent grafts. 

One example is our Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) membrane – which can perform in small vessels in a way that PET simply cannot match; and offers a more sustainable alternative to expanded polytetrafluorethylene (ePTFE) in these applications.

Peripheral vascular interventions

We can seamlessly combine biomaterials in our portfolio to support improved performance in interventions including - peripheral atherectomy or angioplasty with a DCB, IVL, PFA, and balloon embolectomy. Just one example of this is our high-strength UHMWPE fiber – which provides an ideal solution for crossing very small and often heavily calcified vessels with the smallest DCBs. 

Our durable hydrophilic coatings are another ideal solution for peripheral vascular applications. With long-lasting lubricity and low particulate release, they are based on a universal ready-to-use chemistry, and are compatible with a wide variety of devices.

Drug eluting stent coatings and drug-coated balloons

Sustained release drug delivery is an ideal solution for these applications, through the use of our biodegradable polyester-amide (PEA) technology. This highly tunable material is compatible with even the most challenging APIs used in neurovascular therapies.

An unrivaled biomaterials portfolio

We are proud to offer you a portfolio of customizable, combinable, and sustainable biomaterials that is unrivaled in the medical industry.

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