08 MAR 2023

DSM Biomedical Introduces Sustainability Initiative for Dyneema Purity® UHMWPE Medical-Grade Fiber at AAOS 2023

DSM Biomedical, the world’s unrivaled biomaterials expert and committed partner in driving sustainable innovation in healthcare, is proud to announce its newest sustainability initiative — Bio-based Dyneema Purity® fiber - that leverages its existing UHMWPE Medical-Grade Fiber portfolio and is now certified by a globally renowned certification body, International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC), to ensure full compliance and traceability.

As a leader in sustainability, DSM Biomedical is proud to be a pioneer in sustainable solutions that enable circularity and reduce Scope 3 Emissions in the Medical Device Chain. As a key strategic priority, the company is now offering a Bio-Based Certificate for its existing trusted Dyneema Purity® UHMWPE fiber portfolio by applying a mass balancing approach. As of 2024, this Bio-Based Certificate will be available for the full Dyneema Purity® fiber portfolio, with no disruption to the supply chain. This is achieved through DSM Biomedical’s initiative to identify process technologies of upstream suppliers that ensure product equivalency, responsible choice of feedstock from sustainable forestry and no disruption to the food chain. Our suppliers additionally ensure a fully traceable supply chain from forest to final product.

The Dyneema Purity® Bio-Based material will be carrying the globally recognized ISCC Plus Certification and will not require re-qualification of downstream products. In doing so, DSM Biomedical is actively engaging with its partners, ultimately giving them an opportunity to divest from fossil fuels and move towards a circular, Bio-Based economy, while maintaining the identical quality and performance characteristics of their Dyneema Purity® UHMWPE fiber offerings.

Michelle Ortiz, VP of Innovation and Sustainability at DSM Biomedical, commented: “Sustainability is part of our DNA at DSP Biomedical, and circular thinking is woven into our innovation programs. Through our pipeline o/science-Dased concepts, we are helping our partners achieve their ESG goals across the various life cycles of their products. For this initiative, we are eliminating a key fossil resource from our supply chain and leveraging the latest technology in biorefining developed by our channel partners, to ensure that our Dyneema Purity® UHMWPE fibers are more sustainable as a result. In doing so, we also ensure a smooth, fast, and effortless transition by guaranteeing zero change implications for our valued partners in the Medical Deyice industry.”

Eric Shelton, DSM Biomedical’s VP of Global Commercial added: “We are excited to collaborate with our partners on this initiative, and to start the dialogue at AAOS this year, as we explore new ways of tackling the industry’s ESG challenges together. In every partner discussion that we’ve had on this topic, it becomes clearer to me that we all have our own unique priorities when it comes to hitting our sustainability targets. I am proud that DSM Biomedical is aiming to exceed oUr customers’ expectations by bringing sustainable solutions that alleviate their burdens and bring meaningful ESG benefits to their value chains.”

Through their initial partner engagements at AAOS 2023, DSM Biomedical will remain determined in playing their part to reduce the industry’s dependency on fossil resources. Their commitment to transitioning their trusted Dyneema Purity® UHMWPE fiber portfolio to wholly renewable feedstock, without disrupting the supply chain, is just one of many sustainability initiatives in the company’s pipeline that will be announced in the coming years.

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