Dental implants and other regenerative medicine innovations have completely changed dentistry in recent years. Despite medical advances, poor dental hygiene, smoking, certain medical conditions, and genetic predisposition can still lead to periodontitis, gum and bone loss. The loss of teeth, gum or bone can require reconstructive surgery.  DSM has developed finished devices and materials that augment these surgeries, partnering with leading medical device companies and distributors to bring these solutions to market.

Examples of medical device development programs in which DSM biomaterials have been applied:

  • Bone void fillers​
  • Extraction socket fillers​
  • GBR membranes​
  • GTR membranes 
  • Hemostats
  • Soft tissue reinforcement sheets​
  • Wound dressings​

Dental solutions ready for partnering:​

  • Bovine collagen barrier membranes​

  • Carbonated apatite ceramic bone graft substitute​

  • Platelet rich plasma system ​

  • Porcine ECM barrier membranes​

  • Resorbable polymer barrier membrane

DSM technologies serving this market​

  • Bioceramics


    Whether using your bioceramic or DSM’s proprietary bioceramics, we provide partners with custom collagen-based scaffolds for enhanced bone healing and ideal handling.

  • Cell concentration

    Cell concentration

    Bring more consistent outcomes to your portfolio with LAVA™ cell concentration technology, offering high cell yield, the shortest processing time and the smallest and lightest centrifuge design.

  • Polymer processing

    Polymer processing

    Learn about the latest advancements in biocomposite polymers and how they can be manipulated to control handling characteristics, mechanical properties and absorption times.

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  • Our products

    Our products

    DSM portfolio of innovative biomedical materials and process manufacturing technologies: Biomedical Polyethylenes, Biomedical polyurethanes, Collagen Technology, Device Development, and Extracellular Matrix (ECM) Technology. Learn more.

  • The markets we serve

    The markets we serve

    DSM Biomedical offers the broadest portfolio of biomedical materials and manufacturing across market applications, including orthopedics, ophthalmology, neurology, cardiology, diabetes, wound, and continence care.

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